Avid Supercars

by | Sep 4, 2023

Avid Supercars visited River Haven on their tour of the South Island and confirmed our status  as the ‘must visit destination’ for all motor enthusiasts.

Since opening less than a year ago we really have attracted a diverse mix of motors and owners. The Porsche Club cars couldn’t have been more different from the Hot Rods of Nelson. The Classic and Vintage cars contrasted with the Grace & Pace of the Jaguar Owners Club and then the Ferrari’s. Lambos and Astons arrived. Wow!

Well, the cars may be very different but the owners are united in their kind appreciation for our beautiful location and the quality of our hospitality. Our team’s favourite expression is now-“We’ll be back very soon!”

Thank-you everyone for establishing our vineyard  by the Motueka River as an exciting Motor Haven and the premier location in New Zealand for all motor enthusiasts.

Just like to thank you for your hospitality on Sunday, and also for going the extra mile getting the owner to come say a few words. Much appreciated.

Jenny Conlon
Nelson Vintage Car Club

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