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by | May 16, 2023

We inspire creativity!

We are definitely attracting some very creative guests – some draw caricatures of our café, some paint watercolours of the Valley and one was inspired to write the following poem. How many venues can claim that they inspire artistic and literary talents?

River Haven, Ngatimoti – 30/04/23
Green hills, mountains high
Bright sun shines, blue sky
River sings, chuckles by
Bush branches, wide and spry
Paved road, crafts a tie
Bikers, dogs, do ally
Birds tweet, hop not fly
Cuisine good, worth a try
All at peace, River Haven – Bye

By the poet “Cloudy Mountain”

Our response:
Smiling faces, happy chatter, the air is filled with friendly natter,
Cyclists saddle sore, aching and weary,
Have our coffee and again are cheery.
Classic cars abound, savour that V8 sound,
Bikers everywhere, some bald, some shaven,
Our friendly place by the river which is why we called it River Haven!

(poetry is not one of our strong points)

Let us know if we’ve been inspiring to you and we’ll share what you’ve made!

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