River Haven Surprises!

by | May 14, 2023

We love being different and so we gave Margaret a day to remember.

River Haven Surprises!She lives almost opposite River Haven but Bert the Brave fought through gale force winds and driving rain (just another refreshing day in the Valley!) and conveyed Margaret the 400 metres to our restaurant where she was greeted with champagne and flowers.

Why did we do it? To make Margaret happy, to make her daughter Rachel happy, to make her whole family happy and… to make our team happy!

5 days later Valerie was collected from her home in Motueka in our chauffeur driven classic Rolls Royce – RR MUM – for an Early Mothers Day champagne lunch at River Haven.

Vicky nominated her mum for this fabulous prize because mum still does all Vicky’s washing for her. So, when Valerie turned up at the restaurant we had a washing machine ready for all the family’s washing. Now, how many restaurants give you a free lunch, beautiful flowers, complementary champagne and do your washing?

Exactly! We’re proud to be different at River Haven.

If you’d like us to create a special event for someone you care about we’re ready and waiting.

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