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by | Oct 4, 2022

The River Haven venture blends a commitment to the people of the Motueka Valley with a determination to nurture and protect this unique environment.

At the heart of our endeavours is our profound love for water. Unfortunately an appreciation and respect for water is not universally adopted and consequently our water supplies are under threat as never before.

The River Haven Trust has just brought another area of farmland under protection and we’ll be applying the principles of Viktor Schauberger to the wetlands and waterways. Who?

Check out the work of Viktor and you’ll understand our enthusiasm for his ideas and inventions related to water quality. Bearing in mind adult humans are 70% water it seems eminently sensible to only absorb the finest quality water.

Oh, and we say “absorb” because it’s not just about what we pour into our mouths. The majority of the water you consume enters your body when you bathe or shower-assuming you do one or the other! 

More on this fascinating subject as our venture develops.

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